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  1. "Survey on Correlations Between Demographic Variable and Health-Care Indicators Within a Sample of Palestinian Mothers of Children with Cerebral Palsy". The Local Committee for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled. Jenin Refugee Camp. April 2005.
    Text in Arabic
    Abstract in English

  2. "Land Use in Rain-Fed Areas". Jerusalem: ARIJ, 2001 [ARABIC}

    Interactive full-text in Arabic. Executive Summary in English.

    "...aims to answer certain questions related to the existing conditions of rainfed areas in the Eastern Slopes. What are the land use patterns of the Eastern Slopes? Who are mainly affected by this type of land use? What is the farm holding size? What are the types of cultivation? What are their agricultural practices? What are their germplasm (plant and animal) sources? Which technologies have the best chances for adoption by these farmers? Which will improve overall social welfare? What kind of information do farmers need to choose a cultivation pattern or technology? What impact will transfer of technology have on farm labor force..."

     NB: Click here for table of 27 on-line maps in English

  3. "An Assessment Report on the Status of the Organizational Capacity of the Palestinian Networks and Commissions of NGOs." Khader, Sami. Sep. 2002.

  4. "The Long-Term Financial Sustainability Of the Palestinian NGO Sector, An Assessment" Abdelkarim, Naser.  Nov. 2002. Arabic text

  5. "Role of NGOs in Building Civil Society". Bisan Center for Research and Development, 2002. Arabic text

  6. "Palestinian NGOs Sector Development Perspective." Allam Jarrar and Samir Abuznaid. 2002. English text

  7. "Mapping of Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in the West Bank and Gaza"  MAS, 2001.

  8. "The Relations Among the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations pennsylvania payday loans and with the Palestinian National Authority and Donors." Hassan Ladadweh, Jibril Mohamad, Jaber Azam. MAS, 2001.

  9. "Funding of Non-Governmental Organizations which Suffers Difficult Financial Situations, Case Studies." Shalabi, Yasser and others.  MAS, April 2001. Arabic text

  10. "The World Bank and the Palestinian NGO Project: From Service Delivery to Sustainable Development." Sullivan, Denis J. Jerusalem: PASSIA, 2001. English text

  11. "Assessment Study for Identifying Capacity Building Gaps for the NGO Sector in the West Bank and Gaza." Nabris, Khalid & Tom Lent.  PMO, March 2001. English text

  12. "The Development of a Monitorable Project Impact Assessment System." Chapman, N.P.  July 2000. English text

  13. "Palestinian Governmental/Non Governmental Relations: Cooperation and Partnership"

    International Conference Proceedings 2000

  14. "Consultancy Report on the Governance Committee for the Palestinian Project Management Organization (PMO)". Jalal Abdel-Latif. 2000. English text

  15. "Review of Grant Application Procedures and Administration." Lawry-White, Simon.  October 2000. English text

  16. "A Study for the Development of an Electronic Service Information System (E-NGOSIS)" Baramki, Haifa’ and Mohammed Ewaida Al-Betawi September 2002. English text

  17. "Needs Assessment for Networks and Unions in Gaza Strip." Abdul Shafi, Salah.  Dec. 2002. English text

  18. "Assessment Study for Block Grant." Lawry-White, Simon.  January 2001. English text